#Wu-tang Clan brings the 36 Chambers back to #Brooklyn!

Yes, you heard it right!

For all those who know the RZA, the GZA, O.D.B., Ghostface Killah, Raekwon the Chef and the rest of the Clan, already know how it gets down when the click does it.

So when we learned the WU is bringing the ruckus back to Brooklyn for a hot one before continuing on their 25th Anniversary Tour, we knew it was big news!!

Pre-sale tickets start tomorrow at 10am for the JUNE 16th performance that we already know will be #epic!

Come out and experience this once in a lifetime event with Hip-Hop legends that will surely be rocking the mic damn near on the beach.

Hopefully they pull up and plug the rapping young savage Lil Dee who is putting Coney Island on the map when it comes to lyrical skill in the borough.

Whether they pull up the youth and shine light on the local Coney Island talent or not, they are still going to blow up the spot with this 25th anniversary tour!! All hip-hop heads with new music to share…. bring it. But it can’t be weak….. I mean not at all. We are WU-tang Clan fans! We got high standards.

By Daytona.

Here’s a treat for reading through: get a discount on your ticket using

Promo Code: 36CHAMBERS


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