What’s going on in Brooklyn this Saturday?

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Welcome to the Pink Party

Art Series at Bed Vyne Brew and Bed Vyne Wine & Spirits

370 Tompkins Avenue

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The Pink Party this Saturday, April 20th! Join this elite crew of fun lovers and see a brand new art series while partaking in a free tasting of bubbling Rosè, Sparkling Wine and the new Orange Wine, which I am very interested in tasting.

There will be the reception of a “Special Delivery”, a Salamazer of Cava, or, “The new luxury bubbly” – as declared by Forbes Magazine.

It is extremely delicious, sparkling wine from Spain! And as if the Vineyard and the story weren’t unique enough,

Brooklyn had to put the spin on it and go full-on creative with the packaging. I think what they decided to do is brilliant because, as all you connoisseurs know, the wine crate is a classic natural wood, which is beautiful in so many respects, but when you bring it to New York City and especially Brooklyn… You can’t just get away with being a bottle in a box, We can do better than that.

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Pay close attention,… this might be the beginning of a new trend of collectables right here! Any wine shop boasting these beautifully custom painted Magnum Bottle crates could certainly nudge the markup a bit north, and why not?

Join us and meet Artists; Julia Kirtley, Danie Herard, Glenn Elfer, Prelo & Mr. Raison, and Olivia Kates, the 5 visual artists of Bed Vyne Wine shop/ Bed Vyne Brew as each of them introduce their own crate Creations.

This first collection of 5 different crates is just getting started. Before you have a chance to turn around and walk towards the door the music will sway you back and forth, further and further from the front door, and you’ll have a chance to join in on the 6th crate!

All of this accompanied by a DJ and light fare from the spot! Wadadli Jerk!

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  1. Ezequiel billige juventus fotballdrakter salg på nettfå høy kvalitet hjemme/borte/tredje juventus
    draktsett fotball, vm 2020 drakt i kortermet/langermet
    her fotballdrakter 2018. Sandr

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