The Foodie March

March doesn’t always have to be about the Madness. March for food, or, the #foodie march, from the “Slope” to the “Burg” is more like a casual Sunday stroll. With some shopping!!

Since Brooklyn can do madness whenever, it’s not really a big deal, so what’s on the agenda for Brooklynites that move differently?

This month all that matters is that it’s getting warmer!! The air, less frigid, the trees greening and we’re all coming out from our hibernation!! All good things to come this month and we want to give you a head start and a few places to enjoy while the weather thaws in the hood.

We do Brooklyn to help you get out and about, yet keep you warm and cozy this month. Looking to make some plans from brunch through dinner?, check out these great spots in Park Slope and Williamsburg for starters.

Palo Santo, the neighborhood restaurant that feels like a Brooklyn brownstone.


After a nice and easy morning, curled up with a book or a journal and a warm cup of coffee, tea or Cocoa, there’s a nice brunch spot, Palo Santo in Park Slope. Located at 652 Union Str. near Union Hall. This beautiful gem, designed with its red brick and wood decor is a great place to cozy up in. The menu here boasts a divine selection of Latin-Caribbean fusion cuisine that Palo Santo is known for. This warm and cozy spot also comes equipped with a quaint backyard that can be found open during warmer seasons, so this is no one trick pony! Here’s a tip: The Pumpkin Soup Garnished with Caviar. (Check the Pre-Fix)

Of course you can find great stores like JCrew and other fancy boutiques in Williamsburg, but If you’re interested in buying some really cool stuff then you’re gonna flip your wig at Mother of Junk. Though you’d NEVER know it by their website. Located at 567 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn, NY 1121. This awesome space is Packed-full-a-stuff, a one of a kind second hand and vintage retail shop for sure. It’s huge and has been here on driggs for so long I can’t remember it not being there…. so at least 20 years!! 

You can find some true gems there, even if #thrift shopping isn’t your thing. I would encourage all of you decorators, designers, and stylists out there to stop in and take a look around. Here’s a tip: there a some really cool and unique pieces and you never know what you might find. Maybe a #Banksy piece.

I’ve been in the house a lot last month, I admit, but its been too cold out there! In doing so I’ve had the chance to listen to a ton of new music, and found some great spots to cop new releases, exclusives, and old school treasures. I can’t even begin to list all of the new artists I’ve discovered this winter, but if you’re looking for the latest and greatest music head over to where I go digging for Vinyl… Rough Trade NYC located at 64 N 9th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249. VINYL lovers out there will be sure to find like minded folks diggin through the crates for great gems on wax. Here’s a tip: Check them out for some great music events Enuff said.

Around now you’re probably ready for a great Lunch, Right? Vegan, Gluten Free Vegetarian, meat eaters, this place has it all!

Ethiopian cuisine at Bunna Cafe

Step into one of my favorites, the warm environment of Bunna Cafe. at 1084 Flushing Ave. Brooklyn, NY. It’s perfectly located for adventurers who’s worked up an appetite, not too far from everything, and right in the center of the bubbling art community. Inside Bunna Cafe the lighting is warm and the music is just right. Not only can you find a great selection on their menu, at times you may even find live music, or a coffee ceremony as well. Here’s a tip: *Vegetarian options and Gluten Free friendly.

I would say walk that off and go across the street to the Loft, but I think it’s a good idea to have a change of scenery and head towards the waterfront in Williamsburg, but first, we’re going Shopping!

Williamsburg is certainly a hot spot, and can be daunting with all the shops to choose from,

here are two that fit this edition and will give you plenty of time to window shop during your stroll between them. As you know, there’s much to discover in Brooklyn.

Our old pals Jane Motorcycle have come out with some gear for the season, and I tell you this one camo jacket has my name written allover it! Check out their sick Vests and jeans too. YOu don’t have to be a biker to shop here, it’s just that if you are…. you shop here.


After working up an appetite you’ll want to warm up to this cozy spot Dokebi at 199 Grand Str. before heading back to Park Slope for cozy dinner to wind down the day, so eat light if you can resist. Remember, you can always come back now that you know it’s there, and we would all love that. Dokebi has two great rooms for food and drinks, but for this warm & cozy edition we’ll focus on a their fantastic little dimly lit lounge in the back. When coming off Grand str. near Bedford Ave in Williamsburg you’ll first walk into a wide open dining area with red Hibachi grill tables at the booths that line the walls. But don’t stop there…. Just keep walking in, and through the hallway that gently cross-dissolves the restaurant from the lounge in the rear. There, you’ll discover a full bar and some great music playing just soft enough to enjoy a nice conversation over a warm meal or drinks. Here’s a tip: Settle in and loosen up with a warm Sake to start.

Last but not least… and we don’t usually do this, but for Yasiin, Bey aka Mas Def…. check out Brooklyn’s Black Star co-founder at the Kings Theater, Thursday March 26th. Tickets available here! You’ll prolly catch me there checking out the show from back stage. You already know what it is…

Words: #Daytona @stratetrooper