The #AfroPunk Podcast..!?

Like most Brooklynites plugged in deep I follow AfroPunk religiously. I love all the music at the festival in Commodore Barry Park, but it’s really the fashion expressions that strike the deepest cord with me.

The beauty that is documented and shared throughout the #AfroPunk community is so very empowering, and very rich.

As a fashion photographer I look for the color and contrast, the light and the darkness, and how they come together so lovely. It’s an undeniable and refreshing affirmation of a gorgeous and confident people, one that just reaches me deep inside.

Africas fashion influences are represented in so many variations. From African garments and colorful beads to Hair and make-up only a true fashionista could pull off. It’s #BlackGirlsRock, Mixed with MOSHOOD Creations and it’s absolutely fabulous!

Now that I have wet the palette for visually stunning images of fashionistas I digress. The podcast may not be visual at all, but it is a window directly into the heart of one of their missions. This progressive and afrocentric podcast talks about “getting shit done”, when it’s no longer enough to simply talk about it. They’re about finding solutions to “fix it”, whatever the topic, wherever in the world.

In the sea of podcasts out there, it’s forward thinking, proactive, professional yet gritty, and passionate. My loyalty lies in a brand that I can trust to speak to me, and in my language, so if you haven’t checked it out yet I invite to you sit back and tune into AfroPunks Solution Sessions.

I look forward to the day that TRULYBROOKLYN can document their journey on a more intimate level, but until then I keep up with the culture on their website and Podcast “#AFROPUNK Solution Sessions“. Check it!



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