Brooklyn’s got the biggest State Park in the City, and it was introduced to Spring Creek, on July 2nd, 2019!!!Joining 7 other state parks including:  Bayswater Point State Park and Gantry Plaza State Park in Queens, East River State Park in Brooklyn, Clay Pit Ponds State Park in Staten Island, Denny Farrell Riverbank State Park in Manhattan, Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms State Park on Roosevelt Island, and Roberto Clemente State Park in the Bronx.
Shirley Chisholm is a native to Brooklyn and was the first African American woman elected to Congress in 1968.  She then ran for presidency and was the first African American woman to do so in 1972. A decade after her death in 2005, she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama.
As you enter the Pennsylvania Avenue entrance, you can’t miss the colorful mural of Shirley Chisholm (as shown in picture above) on your right created by Brooklyn artist, Danielle Mastrion.  There’s 10 miles of hiking and biking trails within this 407 acre park, also with #fishing piers, a #kayaking station and #picnic tables, located at various sectors throughout the park.  
You can visit 365 days per year and rent a bicycle from the first ever Bike Library, that has bikes for all different ages and sizes.

Stay on the path and don’t feed he wildlife as the many signs remind you. My family and I actually found a few bunnies on our nature walk and a heron flying into the bay.  
After a nice walk up to Penn Pier, we saw plenty of fishermen catching some Sea Bass, Fluke, Weakfish and Stripers.  There’s definitely no shortage of fish in the Jamaica Bay for those of you who want to try your hand at fishing.
Environmental educators will offer programs for #children who visit the park, where partnerships are planned with #environmental groups such as Audubon New York. Environmental Education including: fishing, guided bird walks and “nature in your neighborhood” are also offered.
There are maps at the entrance, so it is impossible to get lost with all of the signage throughout the park.  Some of the trails include: Gull Trail, Great Blue Heron Loop and Falcon Trail.
The second phase of this beautiful park should be completed by 2021 and will add lawn patios, pop-up environmental education facilities, and a brand new entrance at Fountain Avenue.
Sitting at the former Pennsylvania and Fountain Avenue landfills at 130 feet above sea level, the park offers views to the Empire State Building, the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, Jamaica Bay and the New York Harbor.
It is definitely a sight to be seen and a great place to visit anytime of the year.  It is a wonderful outing where you can spend some time with the family and spiritually bond with one another outdoors. Put away your devices, hop on a bike or grab your Tims for a hike.If you’re not one to bike ride, bring your red and white checkered picnic cloth and basket, enjoy a sandwich, catch some dinner with your rod, and take it all in on the highest point of what many of us thought was a mountain when we were kids. Be one with nature and take a trip out to Shirley Chisholm State Park for a fun, free and fabulous day!

by D’Franseezy

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