Saturdays are awesome in Brooklyn!! And last Saturday was no exception!

This past Saturday could not have been better!! The weather, the Sunshine, the breeze, and some of the best spring Fashion to surface yet was a refreshing reminder of what’s to come!

I personally am looking forward to beautifully balanced temperature, the longer days of sun and fun. the swell of people as they fill the City, and all of the outdoor activities that will begin shortly!!

It seemed as though everyone was out in Ft.Greene Park Saturday while we were shooting Ketriana Yvonne’s 360 video. It was awesome!

Spring time events like the #Smorgasburg in #Williamsburg, the Award Show at BRIC, and the Brooklyn Museum’s first Saturday event all unfolded like the #RedCarpet for a great time out in Brooklyn!!

I had the pleasure of attending the BRIC Media Awards for Brooklyn Free Speech before heading off to the festivities of First Saturday at the Brooklyn Museum.

The Museum was packed as usual but it’s so grand and spacious it was still very manageable and easy to navigate with Jade one or our newest interns that just flew in from France and is now living in Brooklyn to work with us for the summer!!

In addition to the open house approach the Museum boast live performances on the ground level near the entrance, and upstairs in the Grand Hall with a complimenting Latin theme throughout.

As you may know, our new intern Jade has arrived from France and after getting to know her I’m really excited with our decision to bring her on board and excited to see what she can do!

Here she is in the center with her best friend and travel mate Línda!

As of Monday the 8th we’re officially off and running!!

Stay tuned to meet Sindija and Will!! Two more additions to the team!!

Damani! – Exec.Team Dir.

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