NYC Marathon Sandwich Day!

No category of cuisine is as ubiquitous as the sandwich, especially in Brooklyn, where every neighborhood boasts that they have the creme de la creme, of the culinary staple, whose invention has long been attributed to John Montague, fourth Earl of Sandwich (1718-1792), Whether it’s a chopped cheese or BLT, and regardless where you stand on the hot-dog sandwich debate, you probably love sandwiches and that love gave rise to National Sandwich Day, which is celebrated every November 3rd, the birthday of the Earl Of Sandwich. This year, you can celebrate National Sandwich Day, AND check out the New York Marathon on Sunday, November 3rd.

I’m giving you the scoop on nearly half a dozen spots where you can grab great sandwiches along the NY Marathon route in Brooklyn on Sunday November 3rd. A great sammich is a win for your stomach, so on marathon day, everybody can be a winner, whether you ran the race or cheered on the runners.

FORT GREENE (BAM) – 590 Fulton Street (BAM-Lafayette Avenue Leg)

This is a great spot to catch the marathon and a key place to get a view of friends or family that’s running in the marathon. The neighborhood is filled with great brownstones and the foliage is beautiful this time of year. Definitely hit up Bolivian Llama Party, in the Ashland Market, for a variety of savory sandwiches. Not much Bolivian cuisine in Brooklyn, so take an opportunity to soak up a bit of culture and some delish sammiches. The selection is Pork, Chicken, and Sliders, with veggie options such as the Vegan Aji BBQ Jackfruit Sandwich. It’s literally on the marathon route, so that’s a bonus as well.

WILLIAMSBURG – 103 N 3rd St, Brooklyn, NY 11249 (Bedford Ave Leg)

Piade is an amazing little spot in the N3rd Market in Williamsburg. It flips the idea of the Italian Sandwich on its head by using piadina, which is an Italian flatbread, for the sandwich. Expect all the usual suspects for ingredients, with meats including prosciutto, coppa cured and salami and cheeses like burrata and pecorino. The real difference is that the sandwiches are made with piadina, a thin Italian flatbread, typically prepared in the Romagna historical region (Forlì, Cesena, Ravenna and Rimini), which was originally considered street food, which makes it light and perfect to grab and eat on the street while watching the marathon. Go for the L’ Alpina Piadina, which is Speck smoked prosciutto , smoked scamorza cheese, cherry tomatoes.

BEDFORD CHEESE – 265 Bedford Avenue Brooklyn, NY (Bedford Avenue Leg)

If you really want to watch the marathon, but desire to do so from the comfort of a window seat facing Bedford Avenue, then The Bedford Cheese shop is the spot for you. They’re definitely about that sandwich life, but perhaps a bit of charcuterie is in your future for Sunday as well. If, like on the new Pusha-T song, you need charcuterie explained to you…it’s sliced cheese and meat on an board. Pretty simple, but simply delicious! If you’re keeping it purely two slices of bread and tasty ingredients in-between, then lucky you, because Bedford Cheese has a dope selection of sandwiches. They’re all named after NYC neighborhoods, like the Gramercy and Kips bay, but you should keep it Brooklyn and opt for the Broadway Junction which is resplendent with spicy Cheese Wiz, smoked turkey, and pickled hot cherry peppers!

BAY RIDGE 7324 3rd Avenue (4th Ave Leg)

Anthony’s Butcher & Deli is located at 7324 3rd Ave and is an old school butcher and deli spot, which is a throwback to classic Brooklyn. It’s family-owned and operated and because it’s also a butcher shop, it’s always fresh meat in the building, which is also used in the deli sandwiches. The prices are super reasonable, as compared to sandwich places, in other parts of Brooklyn, and they offer a choice of roll or hero for the sandwiches. Anthony’s has an Angus steak sandwich that is probably cut right off the butcher block, and there’s parmigiana everything! Chicken Parm, Meatball Parm and the sole veggie option, the Veggie Lover, is also parm with Eggplant, Mozzarella, and red sauce! These sandwiches might give you a bit of the “itis” (the strong desire to sleep after consuming a large portion of food), so grab a coffee for some pep, and keep it moving. It’s a block away from the parade route so your still close.

PARK SLOPE (4th Ave) – 597 4th Avenue (4th Ave)

Prospect Provisions is located at 597 4th avenue, near the corner of 17th Street in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Utilizing local artisans both new and old, Prospect Provisions’ sandwiches are crafted with meats roasted daily. They have about twelve sandwiches on the menu, which are all named after a street in Brooklyn. It’s perfect because the sandwiches are delicious and it’s on the marathon route, which runs along 4th avenue, through several neighborhoods. You probably can’t go wrong with the Grand Army Plaza or the Flatbush Avenue, if you like roast beef or chicken cutlet with house-made mozzarella.

Written by: Dick Burroughs. Sr. Writer at TRULYBKLYN

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