By Dick Burroughs (@dickburroughs)

There’s a lot to do in Brooklyn this December when the borough is filled with the holiday spirit and the air is crispy and fresh. Now that might sound right out of an “I Love NY” campaign, but that’s the truth, Ruth, as Senor Love Daddy said in Do The Right Thing. It’s always shopping on deck, especially small business shopping, which supports the local economy and helps stop Amazon from taking over the entire planet, but it’s more to BK than simply checking off your Christmas list and going to holiday office parties… although I’m always open to invites.

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights (Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, every day in December)

This has become a Brooklyn institution in so many ways, from the majesticness of the lights and the creative designs thought up by the homeowners, to the tried and true Brooklyn tradition of complaining about your neighbors! Not everybody in the area, that runs from 11th to 13th Avenues, and from 83rd to 86th Street, is about that Christmas lights life.

Neighbors are peeved at the brightness and noise of the displays, all the traffic the displays bring and the trash that the people leave behind! The hustle mentality always thrives in Brooklyn, so, duh, with all those people, it was inevitable that food trucks started to pull up at the Dyker Heights Xmas Lights…but they’ve been banned this year by the city council, so bring a snack.

The Dyker Heights Christmas Lights are beautiful and will definitely put you in the Christmas spirit. You can take this guided bus tour or this guided bus tour, and a walking foot tour, which all come with a fee, or take public transportation and figure it out when you get there. Most of the tours are every day until December 30th. If you decide to go by public

transportation: D train toward Coney Island and exit at 79th Street (near intersection of 79th Street/New Utrecht Ave)>>Start out going northwest on 79th Street towards 16th Avenue>>Turn left onto Dyker Heights Blvd…also known as 13th Avenue>>BOOM ur there!!

If you go, tag #TrulyBrooklyn in the pics!


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