By Dick Burroughs (@dickburroughs)

Kwanzaa Crawl (all across Brooklyn, Thursday, Dec 26th, 12pm-11pm)

This could literally be the most fun day of the year and now it happens in both Brooklyn and also Harlem, as it mixes Kwanzaa’s vibe of celebrating blackness and most people’s shared love of drinking. If you don’t know what Kwanzaa is, you can pick up your late pass by clicking here, and we won’t judge you (cough cough…mouthbreather…cough).

Although bar crawls in general got a real eye jammie from the public foolishness of the SantaCon bar crawl, as idiots dress up as Santa Claus, travel bar to bar, overdrinking, starting fights, peeing in public and behaving badly, Kwanzaa Crawl is a celebration that’s respectful, super fun and super saucy…and it happens the day after Christmas, when you probably need a good reason to get out the house.

Kwanzaa Crawl only visits black-owned establishments in Brooklyn and Harlem, sticking to the Kwanzaa principle of Ujamaa, which emphasizes cooperative economics, but EVERYBODY is welcome to crawl it out during Kwanzaa Crawl.


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