July is on FIRE!!!

Here we go!!
We’re Celebrating the Fourth of July all month! Here’s to INDEPENDENCE!!

Kicking off the month on a high note would be an understatement!!With #Fireworks and first Saturdays it’s hot, right out the gate!!

So where will you have the best View of the fireworks?

If your not on a Roof Top in Williamsburg, Dumbo or Brooklyn Heights, there are always great viewing location to be had with the public!

An all time favorite has always been on the promenade because of the dramatic lights of the City Skyline as the backdrop, while in Brooklyn Bridge Park there is more of looking up into the Dark Sky. At the new Domino Park, the Williamsburg bridge wonderfully frames the East River as you look down the line of barges and firworks towards the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Harbor.

Saturday is the First Saturday open house and Museum Party at The Brooklyn Museum on Eastern Parkway. A staple event every month!! Come out and check out European works on paper spanning 500 years, from Rembrandt to Picasso!!

Now, I know Williamsburg’s got the savory and fun Smorgasburg and all that but you’ve gotta have that one spot in pocket, in any hood, ready to pull it out at a moments notice.

For me it’s the one and only Pies-n-Thighs!! For a great southern style breakfast. incredible doughnuts and the nicest wait staff…. I love this place!!! Try it out, maybe it can be yours too!? Located: 166 S 4th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

For Oysters, hop onto the main strip, Bedford Ave. and make your way towards Grand Street to find one of the coolest little travel back in time spots dotted around the “Burg”, The Maison Premiere!! The decor looks like it’s right out of a period piece film but the garden in the back is really my go to! If you’re outdoorsy like me. Enjoy some of the best tasting Oysters on this side of the Mississippi amongst a few real connoisseurs! Located: 298 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY.11249

Featherweight gets one of our “in the cut” awards! This tucked away basement speakeasy isn’t the run of the mill! It beats to its own drum down there and it’ll make you move your body! Due to its unique hours you can only find it open from 7pm-2m Sunday – Thursday and 2p – 3am Saturday & Sunday. If you plan it just right you’ll be swinging with the best of them at the stroke of midnight!!  Here’s a tip: you can grab dinner upstairs at Sweet Science. Located: 135 Graham Avenue at Johnson Avenue Brooklyn  New York 11206

Roberta’s Pizza ok ok…..so you want great pizza?  We locals already know about Roberta’s, but have you been there!? This place is a staple in the neighborhood and is easily one of the top 10 Pizza joints in NYC, not just Brooklyn! Go here for some of the best pizza Brooklyn has to offer. Grab a seat and sit with all the real hipsters in the county, and some implants and transplants in-the-know. This is home for many pizza lovers!! Located: 261 Moore St. Brooklyn NY. 11206

For a real tiny local spot, you know the one that puts a little extra love in it just so you remember what real service really is…. Hit up the good ol’boys at Le’Industre Pizzeria 254 S 2nd St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Just remember, when you have to have some #official #HipHop Brooklyn #Gear, stop in at Vinnie’s Styles and the “House Of Brooklyn” on Flatbush, near Barclay Center. This Trinity is behind the House of Brooklyn and  is on fire as they break ground onto the music scene with a gang of artists coming straight outta Brooklyn. Located: 239 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217.

New Music Releases, Exclusives, Dance Hall and the rest of the Essentials are what you’ll find at this gem. Looking for the latest and greatest #music? then head to #Williamsburg and check out Rough Trade NYC today. Crate diggers know this spot! Located: 64 N 9th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249. #VINYL lovers out there will be sure to finds like minded folks diggin in the crates for great records. Here’s a tip: Check them out for some great music events. Enuff said.

If it’s a cool evening film with a view of the New York City you’re looking for, you’re in luck!

The Brooklyn Bridge Park has nearly a dozen film scheduled for their outdoor film festival this summer! Here’s their Facebook link with all the details! Brooklyn Bridge Outdoor Films

Hungry for Africa? Step into Bunna Cafe’s landscape where the lighting is warm and the music is just right. Not only can you find a great selection on this Ethiopian menu, at times you may even find live music as well, If you’re lucky you may even get a little live music there, as a nice side dish! Here’s a tip: Speak with the right person and you might just find out about their cooking classes!! *Vegetarian and Gluten Free friendly. Located: 1084 Flushing Ave.

Bushwick has great Walking tours of graffiti art and wall murals. Heads up, you’ll need to RSVP in advance for Brooklyn’s Walk Of Art Tours, so go to the website. Tours meet outside the Raw and Fine Chocolate Shop So stock up on chocolate sweets to help you power through the stroll. Located: 288 Seigel St. After your street art tour you’ll be ready for a bite at Bushwick’s Zen-like indoor eatery, AP Cafe. It’s a quaint little spot with great food and healthy choices, perfect after a nice walk around the neighborhood. We appreciate that it is not heavily decorated which creates and environment that leaves you able to digest all of the visual art you’ve just discovered. Located: 420 Troutman St, Brooklyn, NY. 11237

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