Words by Diana Franzese @franzeezy

As health has been priority number one during this Covid19 Pandemic we wanted to remind all of you how you can help keep the Coronavirus at bay.

In addition to Social distancing, self isolation and simply just staying home. If you don’t have any of these fresh ingredients, or simply must get out for a dose of anti-oxidants, Vitamins and Nutrients. All you have to do is set your GPS to…. “Juices for Life”!


Juices for Life isn’t you average juice bar. How many juice bars do you know of with rappers for owners? Styles P and JadaKiss own this franchise, that have locations in Yonkers, the Bronx and at 277 Malcom X Blvd in Bed Stuy, BK.

Juices for Life is a way of life. The goal is to spread health awareness to local communities. Living healthy and keeping that mentality throughout your daily routine is the goal. Being healthy is for a “Gangsta and a Gentleman,” plus, it keeps that stamina up for you fellas when you eat and juice right. Ladies, keep eating, or in this case, sipping those pineapples.

You may be thinking, this is just another one of those juice bars opening up around the way in these new “gentrified” communities.  It’s much more than that.  It’s on a whole other level.  This is not a fad or “good look” as an open storefront in the community.  This is real.  We as a generation need to start looking after our health.  It’s never too late, even if you were  “Livin the Life” in your youth.  

Juices for Life in BK is a part of a franchise and owned by rapper, Styles P and radio personalities, DJ Envy and Angela Yee, from the National morning show, “The Breakfast Club,” on Power 105.1 in NYC.

Juices for Life staff is on point and know their stuff.  Let them tell you about their fresh ingredients and benefits of wheat grass on IG, or better yet, in person.  Take the kids.  It’s a family friendly spot.  They can “Wild Out” with the giant Connect 4 or lay up with the big teddy bear in the corner.  No worries, they have your Instagramable moment with a mural of a tanned version of Snoopy next to some tasty fruits.  Lounge on the couch, sip an OMG (orange, mango, grape), Island Pride, Kiss of Life or Miami Summer.  Who knows, you just may “Recognize” Style’s walk on through.  

They’re open for business, although their daily hours have been tweaked a bit, at the moment, to Sunday hours, 10am – 7pm. Dip in to get healthy and stay healthy. Staying nutritious just might prevent and fight off anything affecting our health and community. Just as Jada said, “We Gonna Make It.” In The Lox we trust.


Regular Hours:

M-F   7am – 9pm

Sat.   9am – 9pm

Sun.  10am – 7pm

Words by: @DianaFranzese was here!

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