January is coming to a close…. are you ready!?

January is coming to a close, and wow, what a whirlwind it’s been.

After launching Le Kool Champagne with the homies on #NYE we’ve managed to keep the party going!

This coming Sunday we’re excited to sit down with mTKalla and Cav Manning for two intimate on camera interview. We’re looking to see if there’s a common thread in these gentle who provide experiences for people of color in Brooklyn that are enriching and culturally driven.

STRATE TROOPER Gear is on the verge of launching too. We’ll try to roll it out in time for Fashion Week Brooklyn, so keep an eye out for it. You can always get it before it drops exclusively at Our Bodega.

But that’s not all! We hope you were able to get to Ketriana Yvonne’s book signing this past Sunday… if not check out this link to her new work! “Sequin Soul” by Babloa Press.

This year Ketriana will be joining our team as a trulyBrooklyn contributor, and we couldn’t be more excited. Look for her debut here with us coming in February!

Additionally, Sr. Contributor, Dick Burroughs will be creating the run down for your run around the hood in February. He’s complimented and supported by our Chief Brooklyn explorer Franzeezy aka #ZZ who troops around Kings County with her son checking out everything from Ball pits to Chocolate trips!

We couldn’t do this without our growing team, and we’ve been holding onto our hats ever since we launched #LeKOOL Champagne at the #2020 #NYE Mansion Party at Sun Spot Studio, Eye Wonder, CASTROCo. & EyeSpy! Check them out if you’re looking for a really good time out dancing!!

Make no mistake, we are excited to share all of the wonderful things to do, and places to go in Brooklyn.

We doin Brooklyn even bigger this year!! #DOBROOKLYN!

Look for our February edition hitting tour inbox soon!!

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this article was Brought to you in part by: STRATETROOPER APPARELL!! Coming Soon.

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