What’s Warm and Cozy in Brooklyn?!!

We know it’s cold out there in the hood and the cabin fever is starting to set in during these cold winter months, so we put this itinerary together to help get you out yet keep you warm and cozy from brunch to dinner!! Who loves ya? We do!!

Check out these spots in Park Slope and Williamsburg for starters.

(1). Let’s get the day started with a nice brunch in Park Slope at Palo Santo located at 652 Union Str. near Union Hall. This beautiful gem with its brick and wood decor is a great little place to cozy up in. The menu here boasts a divine selection of Latin-Caribbean fusion cuisine that Palo Santo is known for. This warm and cozy spot also comes equipped with a quaint backyard that can be found open during warmer seasons, so this is no one trick pony! Here’s a tip: The Pumpkin Soup Garnished with Caviar. (Check the Pre-Fix)

After brunch head north for some Brooklyn Chic shopping and a taste of “The Burg” in the #hip and #trendy #Williamsburg. Here’s a tip: For the quickest ride hop in an #Uber or grab a #Car2go. Otherwise make your way to Ft. Greene on a #CitiBike and hop on #train.

(2). Shopping in Williamsburg can be daunting with all the shops to choose from, here are two that fit this edition and will give you plenty of time to window shop during your stroll between them. As you know, there’s much to discover in Brooklyn.

(2a). For the #gents, stop by Wooden Sleepers, a very cool and hip #boutique #vintage and #throwback #clothing shop run by our good friend and resident #hipster Brian.
(2b). The #ladies will love Antoinette’s a tiny little boutique on Grand street near Berry that is filled with great vintage finds like clothes, jewelry and cute little nick-knacks. Here’s a tip: the owner named the store after her mother… awe…

(3). After working up an appetite you’ll want to warm up to this cozy spot Dokebi at 199 Grand Str. before heading back to Park Slope for cozy dinner to wind down the day, so eat light if you can resist. Remember, you can always come back now that you know it’s there, and we would all love that. Dokebi has two great rooms for food and drinks, but for this warm & cozy edition we’ll focus on a their fantastic little dimly lit lounge in the back. When coming off Grand str. near Bedford Ave in Williamsburg you’ll first walk into a wide open dining area with red Hibachi grill tables at the booths that line the walls. But don’t stop there…. Just keep walking in, and through the hallway that gently cross-dissolves the restaurant from the lounge in the rear. There, you’ll discover a full bar and some great music playing just soft enough to enjoy a nice conversation over a warm meal or drinks. Here’s a tip: Settle in and loosen up with a nice warm Sake to start.

(4). Make your way back to Park Slope and tie it all together with a fantastic dinner at one of our new favorite places Runner & Stone, at 285 3rd Ave where the slope up to Prospect Park begins has been flying under the radar for a little while but that’s all about to change. It is a great little gem on a quiet 3rd ave. near Carroll Street in the #gowanus part of #Brooklyn. this Restaurant/Bakery (is not GF but) has a great menu of unexpected delights like , sprinkled with staple dishes everyone can enjoy. The designers really created a wonderful ambiance with the re-purposing of some original materials and the creation of a “green space”. Dinner is accompanied by an incredible selection of music that soothes you through the entire experience!! Most if not everything on the menu is made fresh right there or locally. The service was phenomenal, literally. Here’s a tip: Try the Duck pastrami.