I’m steppin in Hotta dis yea!

I’m learning to exercise my boundaries, and I love it!! Now you might think I’m talking about the boundaries that separate the many wonderful Brooklyn neighborhoods in the County, but I’m not. I’m going much deeper and talking about personal and professional boundaries.

Earlier this week I had a really challenging decision to make and I just went with my gut, and chose to fall back and let a project I was excited about, go. It was a choice I may not have made a year ago.

I used to believe that putting my feelings and needs aside was the right thing to do if you wanted to make friends, to go with the flow, and be agreeable. This might sound familiar to some of you out there who have been through this before, or going through it right now. Over time I learned that I did this because I was looking for approval in others, simply, I didn’t believe in myself enough.

But this year, I’m steppin in hotter! Stepping up my standards and throwing up “one” finger to the haters and “two” to the lovers. Since January 1st I’ve really been taking inventory of my own sense of self and self worth. Through TrulyBrooklyn I have been able to express my true self, and it’s given me great joy, and I feel fortunate to have found an avenue, and an outlet, that has had real positive effects for me and my community.

Most notably, coming to understand my capacity and accepting that I can’t do everything by myself, and certainly not well, and so what’s the point? So, to maintain the integrity of the content we produce and broadcast I am feeling more and more comfortable with saying “no” and cutting my losses early, and quickly moving on.

I’ve learned to be thankful for these rare opportunities to walk the line between “yes” and “no” because it forces me to look from every angle for solutions, or allows me the practice of letting go in order to grow.

These days I no longer feel the need to be accepted, I’m free’d me up to be myself more and more, flaws and all, and I accept them as I actively look for ways to improve them. Thankfully, I am naturally kind, thoughtful, patient and caring, and I think that’s a great foundation to stand tall on. And so, “I’m steppin in hotta dis yea”!!



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