How to blog for your Brooklyn Business? Let us do it for you!

 iBlog4Bkny is a service exclusive to a very small number of business owners in the borough. Our goal is to eleviate the pains of engaging your audience while frocusing on building your business.

This isn’t a new thing at all, business owners know the value of “Press, publicity and Public Relations," but who has the time? It’s almost always out-sourced because no one wants to risk fumbling this extremely important process of their digital branding strategy.


 So here we are, foodies, fashionistas and shopaholics, creative writers and photographers ready and able to help build your presence and keep your business relevant in the digital realm.

 One of the most valuable aspects of this service is our ability to give you the freedom to focus on what you do best. while we utilize your digital platforms to uplift your current audience and grow your following.

 Once a month we will come by to sit and speak with the owner or manager regarding any upcoming events or specials we can add to your blog as a promotion, We will make new photographs and write a new blog that energizes the engagement and draws business.

 To execute this seamlessly we require access to your current blog account, to be added as an editor on your Facebook Page account and an admin on your Twitter account. If you do not have one or any of these platforms a one time setup charge will enable us to set one up for you.

iBlog4Bkny Has invited you to join the others and be one of the few,

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