How I celebrate Brooklyn…!

I was just at the BRIC Arts Center to meet the Newly minted President Kristina Newman-Scott whom I commend for holding an open conversation in the studio on the second floor for the Producers. But I was there to talk about Celebrate Brooklyn and how TrulyBrooklyn might get involved this year. Sadly I didn’t get to have that conversation this time but we did exchange cards and that was a great start!

While there I started thinking about the upcoming Celebrate Brooklyn Music Festival in Prospect Park, and all of the ways I celebrate the borough, and thought I would share them with you.

I celebrate Brooklyn with my Hustle and tenacity everyday.

I Celebrate Brooklyn with my chin up, and the confident swagger I don, that I’ve proudly earned by surviving these city streets as a kid back in the day.

I celebrate Brooklyn with some staple fashion items; I wear BDU hats and Army fatigues as an ode to “Brook-Nam”, I wear Timberlands , (not the construction boots), and a ton of local designers like my #Brooklynbridge ring by Lorelaigruss, insiders1, Bedstuyfly and Vinniesstyles… just to name a few.

I celebrate Brooklyn when I listen to great Brooklyn Artists like Jay Z, Biggie Smalls, and Meridian Lights. Watching films by Spike Lee and attending the First Saturday at the Brooklyn Museum are always a call for celebration.

I celebrate Brooklyn with every dollar spent at a local spot in the hood.

I celebrate Brooklyn when it’s sunny or dark and warm in the park, when there’s no leaves on the trees, and when the streets are deserted and covered in snow.

I celebrate Brooklyn with every trip over the Brooklyn Bridge. Whether I’m coming or going, if I can I’ll open up the sun roof!!

I celebrate Brooklyn with my dialect, my attitude, and City slang.

I celebrate Brooklyn with every interaction, I’m a proud Brooklynite and I take pleasure in being an ambassador for the County of Kings. I do this with TrulyBrooklyn, creating this space where we can all get to know Brooklyn in it’s unique and most authentic expressions.

I celebrate Brooklyn with this letter. How do you celebrate Brooklyn?

Damani Higgins – Exec. Team Dir.

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