Happy Earth everyday…!

      This Monday you’ll be waking up to audacious thoughts of how you are going to help save the planet! That overwhelming feeling of being a Super Hero attempting to appealing to the humanity within people, amongst gothams capitalists consumers who would dispose of a plastic bag faster than they would considering a way to reuse it!

I personally love recycling, reducing, reusing and composting! I prefer locally grown/made over mass produced and I do consider the carbon footprint of some of the products I choose to support.

I’ve decided to consider what I will do to Save the Planet on Monday!! And share my conclusion that everyday is Earth day!

So what’s going to make #Earthday any different from my yesterday,…. or tomorrow? I could easily do nothing different and sleep well, my conscious is clean. But is it though? Really?

See I know a few people that could do better, we all know someone that uses too many paper towels, or runs the water while brushing their teeth, and that’s the low hanging fruit, so to speak. What about those that don’t really buy into recycling, or are not fully committed?

On Monday, I’m going to gently remind my friends that “we’re all in this together.”

My friend who uses too many paper towels is getting a few cloth napkins for the kitchen and dining room! And that should be enough right? A little nudge to potentially have a huge impact personally, locally and globally.

I’m thinking I’ll pitch it as “the more mature accessory to dinner than a roll of paper towels.” then I’ll mention all the trees that will be saved, and how the choice to use paper from now on will be a conscious decision to contribute to the planet’s disease, and leave it with a call to action…, an invitation to get started…. with something like, “how about for one month you recycle 3 days out of the week, reuse and reduce bags four days a week, to start?

However, by no means am I an expert, so if there is an expert out there that wants to give me some inspiration and a few great ideas, please do. All great ideas will be published as a “give back”, to share with others, as part of our reflection on how we do earthday in BK!

Please submit all ideas to save the planet to: earth@trulybrooklyn.com

Damani!…. Happy earth everyday!

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