“Food in da Fridge”

While some of us are getting called back to work, not everyone is fortunate enough, hustling, grinding and doing what they gotta do to stay up.  Some are Dashin’ (Door Dash), doing Grub Hub and Uber Eats and that’s all gravy, baby.  Make that money and your own hours, anyway you can.  

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to order from these delivery services or even order take out directly from Chipotle.  Although we’d all like to sit outdoors and have a glass of Rosé on a sidewalk café or a shot of Patrón at an outdoor Biergarten, others are struggling, trying to put food on the table.

Fortunately, there are many pantries located throughout Brooklyn that you can go to directly or that can deliver straight to your door, if you don’t have any way to pick it up, yourself:  NYC COVID-19 Engagement Portal.  

There are also a few newer places to obtain food, that have recently popped up after Covid, including the Community Fridges.  It has begun here in NYC, with 7 locations (and growing) in Brooklyn alone and the idea is spreading like wildfire to cities like:  Jersey City, Newark, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, D.C. and beyond.

If you’d like to start your own community fridge, contact inourhearts@gmail.com (@iohnyc) and they can help and hook you up with people in your neighborhood who want to do the same.  

The Community Fridge is an initiative to help feed the hungry.  If you want to make a food donation, drop it off and place it in the fridge and if it doesn’t need to be refrigerated, leave it on the side table or pantry rack.  If you need some food to feed the fam, stop by with the kids and let them pick out some healthy fruits and veggies.  Hey, you may have something the pantry gave you that you aren’t going to use.  Make that drop and exchange it for something you can use at home.  Whatever the case maybe, there’s food in the fridge.  

Big shout out to organizations like Brownsville’s own, Universe City (@universecitynyc), an aquaponic farm and work space for stocking some of the 16 fridges throughout the five boroughs and also home to the Food Distribution Operations for East New York and Brownsville, putting food back into the communities.  

If you like events with that block party type of vibe, good music, BBQ, Soul Food and Kool Aid, we got that too for you.  East New York Community Partnership (@eastnycpp) has their Food Truck Wednesday’s going on.  Pull up and get your free plate of food, a bag of groceries, some toys and coloring books for the kids, backpacks with back to school items inside, snacks to go and Back that Azz Up to Juvenile and DJ Remarkable (@djremarkable), while getting social with the Brooklyn community.  The food trucks are at various spots in East New York, so follow their page for their next stop. 


Community Fridge locations:

133 Van Buren St. – Bed Stuy 

941 Willoughby Ave. – Bed Stuy

234 Glenmore Ave. – Brownsville

190 Knickerbocker Ave. – Bushwick

1144 Bergen St. – Crown Heights 

17 Nassau Ave. – Greenpoint

1110 Nostrand Ave. – Prospect Lefferts Gardens

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