Don’t get too excited… sadly this one is already over BUT…

Anniversaries are great especially when you’re celebrating with a party!

The 5 year anniversary of JANE Motorcycles in #williamsburg #Brooklyn was everything you would expect from a couple of cool guys that like to ride in style!

5 years ago they started in a small store front on Grand Street off of #Bedford Ave. I remember When I could stroll across the street daily for a #cappuccino or #tea, and finger through the #Custom #Motorcycle magazines while enjoying the hip-hop and #Reggae music they played.

Back then we were watching the races projected up on the wall, and the occasional back yard BBQ would liven up Grand Str. For a bit with all the cool bikes parked out front! You can see these guys were truly growing this culture here in Williamsburg,

Enticed by the elements of coffee, fashion, and speed, with a hip-hop sound track. Patrons stay for the atmosphere, and gets personal. A spot you will surely return to.

I’m happy to have made my contribution and investment with each cappuccino and T-shirt I purchased. And I see that not a penny went to waste!!

To go from an 800 Square-foot store front on Grand & Bedford to a 3000 square-foot loft on Wythe & N5th, is no small feat. I can say these two have come a long way from Those days of humble beginnings 5 years ago.


Wishing you all the best for the next 50 years and beyond!


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