Dear Brooklyn…. by Sindija

Dear Brooklyn,
We met 3 weeks ago in cold night of March. It was not the love at first sight, and I was even doubting why I choose you.

Sorry, I was wrong my Dearest Brooklyn. I know your heart is not cold, it is just the wind of March who made me think like this.

Week by week, and step by step you warmed me up and I started to fall in love with you. More and more, I am amazed by your cafés and restaurants which open their doors…, your beautiful Prospect Park full of birds and squirrels and THE PEOPLE!

Once I arrived everything seemed to be so fearful, strange and dangerous. There are some dangerous legends about you 30 years ago.

I was scared but somewhere in my heart I always knew it that you have changed, and I was curious to meet you now.

It took just some days to realize that people living here are friendly, not dangerous. It took a week to realize that it is safe here and probably better than somewhere else.

Yes, I need to admit, I am in love with you Brooklyn.