#dearbrooklyn by Morgan A.

Dear Brooklyn

I Remember… by Morgan A. Jones

Dear Brooklyn,

I remember walking to and from school when I can get beef patties, pizza, and quarter waters on the same block – or even the same store! I remember hot summers, the sun beaming on brownstones, and the packed laundromats on Sundays. I remember when rent was low and Brooklyn was hip for reasons that went beyond its most recent land and zoning development (not that I don’t like change – sometimes change is good!). I remember Al Sharpton walking down the block, and “Welcome Back to Brooklyn” with Spike Lee and Louis Gossett Jr. I remember running through Prospect Park and getting lost (and found) there! It doesn’t matter if I now live a borough away, or am living somewhere 10,000 miles away, a song like “Juicy” and what I call Brooklyn never leaves me.

Morgan Alexander Jones.