#dearBrooklyn by Digital X.

Dear Brooklyn…

We “Juicy” in Brooklyn! By Digital X

Dear Brooklyn,
Hello to the new Brooklynites and Brooklyn Natives, we here at TrulyBrooklyn recognize, unless you were born here, we all come from somewhere, with the idea we can make brooklyn greater. So saying that we would like to extend a hand of friendship to you, our neighbors, first and congratulate you for getting here, we’ve been waiting for you.

The stories on Gentrification are true and we are getting hit hard by it. From the Beautiful dancer that moved from Cincinnati OH a month ago working with $700 dollars a month, to one day dancing on broadway, the Brooklyn native italian grandma trying to keep her lights on, on south 2nd street in Williamsburg. There is more development and higher forms of gentrifications coming, and it’s not going to end soon so we need to face this issue head on to end unfair rent and bills being forced on all of us. Looking at your rent and saying i can afford it this year isn’t gonna help because what about the next year?, will your job give you that raise or will your partner finally move in to save money? Who knows? Rent Injustice in brooklyn will not end if people that can do something are day drinking being lead. We are young, smart and the leaders of the new school, the legends are dying and it’s up to us to make Brooklyn Better. Ok, Now that that’s out of the way let’s Move on to some light housekeeping.

To the Natives / older transients:  you all came from somewhere else, every last one of you Brooklyn born 2nd or 3rd generation Brooklynites be nice. The mixing of cultures and getting the chance to meet my Puerto Ricans neighbors on Dekalb ave is the best part of my day. Natives help balance out boredom and help preserve the history and stories of the area.

To the new transients: you have made things hard and easy on the natives, the gluten free muffin shop, and the new and improved Green Light bookstore with wifi in fort greene is great, but what happened to the bookstore that i got all my black comics from? Shout out Indigo books.  As new waves of shops and impressive art comes to brooklyn let’s all remember the people that occupy the space. we buy into their cause because we all want to love our neighbors and enjoy the time we have left with them.

“It was all a Dream” the prophetic words in the song “juicy” released in August 9, 1994 from Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn born and raised rapper Notorious B.I.G., a statement that we would consider to be one of hip-hop’s top ten releases in the last two decades. We are all looking for great leaders to lead us because only a few can become one. The dream biggie was talking about was the one of getting out the struggle and making it to your dreams. We all have our own routes to do so and I think it’s beautiful you’re doing it in B-Town.  
We can all work together to make Brooklyn greater so let’s get started.

Digital X
P.s Thank you