#dearbrooklyn by Aviva

Dear Brooklyn,

Last year during a tough time I tried to expand my options and consider renting a spot in Queens that was really in my budget and came recommended from a dear friend.  

I set up a time to go see it, even though the thought of not living in Brooklyn made me clench my teeth. When the day came to go see it, I slowly put on my jacket, zipped it up, stepped outside to get the train, and frantically pulled out my phone to call and cancel.

You’ve never done me like that, Brooklyn, so I couldn’t do you like that. Couldn’t even consider it. I promptly walked the streets of Bed-Stuy, stopped to talk to my neighbors, took my fave yoga class at Sacred, grabbed a DOUGH doughnut and coffee from Ali my bodega homie, walked through Fort Greene Park and met up with friends later that night in Bushwick.

No shade to Queens; you know I stan Jackson Heights and Astoria’s cute and Corona Park cookouts in the summer? YAS.

But Brooklyn, you’re home.

Aviva Jaye ♫