#dearBrooklyn… by Alex B

Dear Brooklyn…

Breaking night… by Alex Bauman

Dear Brooklyn,

I remember when I used to pay $500 to share an apt with two of my good friends in Williamsburg near the Graham Avenue L stop. The condo boom had not started and there were no suites on the L or G trains yet. On Saturdays and Sundays there were concerts in the McCarren Pool.  One Sunday, after i played softball at Mccarren park and drank all day from when we started at 11am (a couple 32 ounce large Buds from the Turkey’s Nest at $3.25 a pop, or $5 for a stiff Margarita in a large styrofoam cup), T.V on the Radio was randomly playing at the Mccarren Pool. The night before was a doozy, pre gamed at friend’s apt on Jackson street around the corner from Daddy’s (the bar has a different name now). Then went to Daddy’s after to try to sleep with this girl who I had the biggest crush on, but she was not into me. We drank a beer all together, me and my boy and her and her two cute girlfriends. She asked if I was still writing, i told her i was, which was a total lie. In reality I was working a dead end job to pay the rent and party. I was 27 years old. After the beer, she said she had to go to a friend’s bday at Supreme Trading. Supreme Trading was not popping that night but my goal was to try to be with her at the end of the evening in her bed. I asked if she wanted to meet at Royal Oak late night, she said maybe playing either hard to get or she really was not into me. Royal Oak was a late night spot to do blow or hook up. Me and my boy were going to Sevalas for another friend’s party. Stretch Armstrong and my close friend and roommate Rok 1 were djing. Sevalas was a dance party that went until 4am. If this girl didn’t want to be with me then maybe I would meet one on the dance floor. She was 70% not going to happen for me, so I was realistic about my late night possible hook up situation with her. Also this party in general was a lot better and a lot of my friends were going to be there.

We went to Savalas around 11pm, and the dance floor was packed and jumping. I walked in and said what’s up to a bunch people sitting in the front booth. My boy Jesse ball game was bartending and immediately hooked us up with Jamison shot and a beer. I was almost drunk, and a little high from a joint we smoked on the walk over.
Stretch and Rok were trading old school
hip hop sets, there was great energy in the air that night. It was one of those great summer nights that I could not recall everything that happened, just a mosaic of random moments. I ended hooking up
with some girlfriend of one of my homegirls I had just met that night. We didn’t go home together but played around with each other a bit on the dancefloor. I had totally forgotten about the girl I was supposed to meet at Royal Oak, but it didn’t matter at the time. We closed the place down. I stumbled back to my apartment sometime between 5am-6am that morning still drunk.

July 2006
Al Boogie.