Dear Brooklyn… by Ketriana Yvonne

You are mine and will always be mine.

I was born to love you, Bedstuy, Fort Greene till I die.

Although we have had our many breakups

I have left you for others; Washington D.C Baltimore but even the sun and palm trees of L.A  couldn’t make me stay.

I keep coming back and you always took me back with open arms. Dining me and you have never culturally deprived me.

I know others dig you coming from everywhere like Jerk Water, USA as my Aunt Lena used to say.

I know you are being manipulated, pretenders trying  to change you make you into something you not, and never were suppose to be.

You are my Brooklyn pizza, hot dogs, bagels, italian icies, knishes that’s was our diversity.

Coney Island was our place to be; just you and me riding on the Cyclone eating clams on a half shell chilling by the sea.

Won’t you be with me once again.

I will love you till the end when all the others mess you up and leave you

I will be there for you.

You are I are the same one spirit we just want to be free, high spirited, pumping high energy, not high rent.

Your frequency has changed but I will protect you and keep you operating on your true Brooklyn vibe.

I got you you gave me my soul now I will fight for yours.

Forever yours not just some random city girl but yours truly, born and raised do or die.

Thank you Brooklyn for doing your part in making the most beautiful people,that strive and transform the planet.

I will fight for you I will not let them tear us apart I got your back as you have had min.

You will always be mine my number one place no one can replace.

Brooklyn please, baby please stay and  continue to be mine.

Won’t you please baby, please be mine.

Despartly Seeking

My heart

Yours Truly

Ketriana Yvonne

your Brooklyn Girl