Dear Brooklyn by, Jade

I thought that it would be difficult to write something about Brooklyn but it is not!

First, you should know that I am from France. My business school asked me to do an internship abroad because I am in the international sector. I have chosen New York right away because it’s the city of everyone’s dreams, isn’t it?

I was looking for an apartment and regarding my budget, Brooklyn was the obvious choice! When I finally moved in, I realized that not knowing the neighborhood makes it very difficult to know where the nice places are.

Thankfully, I used TrulyBrooklyn to know where to hang out and which locations are the best. Which gives nice addresses, so I decided to move next to its cool places. I found a list of parks, restaurants, nice bars, streets, there are so many!

How do I say… I am so not disappointed; Brooklyn is just what I expected: surely amazing!
Just one thing, if you are like me you’ll fall in love with Brooklyn more and more every day.

There are so many pretty restaurants, where you can find cuisines from all around the world! No need to travel when you live in Brooklyn, you’ll meet mixed ethnicities and nationalities that you didn’t even know existed!

Last but not least, please do not be afraid to talk to people. During my first days, I was a little bit shy but then I discovered that Brooklynites are so friendly, amazing and open minded. They’re always giving good advice, are caring people, and will answer any of your questions if you are lost in the streets or looking for a grocery store.

Brooklyn is safer than what you think!

Also, I was lucky because I came to Brooklyn four days before an amazing event: every first Saturday of the month, the entry to the Brooklyn museum is free and more than that, there were a concert, a show and a magnificent art exhibition open to the public.

After only a few days if immersion I have already made my mark and I feel home already. I still have much to discover of this beautiful district but the little that I’ve seen so far, has me ask for more and more!

Thank you for everything you can offer me Brooklyn, I will discover your love!


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