Dear Brooklyn by… Dorian!

Side Hustles

Dear Brooklyn,I remember scraped knees and skelli tops
Now all I see is hoverboards and flat tops.
Dear brooklyn I remember block parties,
Now cops block parties
That don’t have the hue for protection
Dear Brooklyn where Is the future going I can’t peep the direction.
Does it look like me ?
Or will I just be an object to be viewed in 360?
Dear Brooklyn will we still have hood innovation?
I’m talking skelli tops made from the lids of quarter waters for easy entertainment
I’m talking struggle fits from hand me downs that end up in Boutiques across town
Dear Brooklyn will you still look like me post 2018.
Dear Brooklyn Will I be able to live in bed stuy
I didn’t know “let’s clean up the hood” means come on in guys hear are the keys to gentrify.
See when I was a small fry it was called the land of the Do or die where the pigs go to fry.
Dear Brooklyn I don’t think I could afford to live here even if I tried.
I’d love to be apart of the renaissance but I’m to busy trying to survive.
Dear Brooklyn don’t be silly I can’t pay my new rent with just a job.
So I got like 10 new side hustles
I need to thrive.
Dear Brooklyn I’m here to stay.
Dear Brooklyn I pave my own way.

Dorian Steele