Dear Brooklyn…. by Daytona

So far this week has been cold and busy!

After first Saturday at the Brooklyn Museum, and the 5th Anniversary of JANE Motorcycles, I imagine you’re all ready for the next big thing!

The thing is…. there’s always something going on, and you can make it as big as you want to make it!!

Where a Monday or a Wednesday night out for dinner and drinks in a quaint little spot crowded with cool people, nestled away somewhere could easily become the best night of your life!!

Few cities can boast such an eclectic collective of creative people concentrated in one place! #Berlin, #Sydney, #London, and #Copenhagen to name a few.

Still often I feel such pride in being a New Yorker, and when someone says where?, I happily say “Brooklyn”.


I hope you enjoy these great gems in Brooklyn as much as I do.

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