Cloth! Casual & Contemporary Clothing in #Brooklyn

It is almost too easy to miss this tiny gem and walk right by it. But if you happen to be walking down Ft. Green Place near Barclay Center and glance into the window of a brownstone off the corner of Hanson PLC., you’ll do what I did and stop in your tracks, and look a little closer to be sure you’re really seeing these awesome finds!

Then march down those few little steps and up to the door.

I was pleasantly welcomed and greeted by Zoe Von de Wieie, who is the owner and buyer for this great little boutique.

I learned that Cloth has been nestled here in the understated and unassuming brownstone for nearly 15 years, bringing some incredible modern brands and quality women’s garments to the neighborhood.

you’ll find some of these amazing designers and Brands in store; Acote, Anaak, BSBEE, Calder Blake, Closed, Hannon, Hope, Julie Cohn, Masters of Casual, MJ Watson, Roberto De Carlo, and Wolfrom Lohr, to name a few.

Stop in any time and say “Hi” you’ll be amazed by the hand picked quality and modern styles that fill the shelves and racks! Everything from #hats, #shirts #bags and #accesories, to #pants #dresses #jackets and #shoes.

Scroll through the iG catalog of Cloth’s wearable and sophisticated wardrobe on Instagram at @clothclothing or visit her website

You’re welcome!!


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