Sometimes you find the best stuff in Brooklyn through word of mouth, and that’s just what we found through the keen perspective of our own #Franzeezy, who suggested we take a closer look at CHOO CHOO Cuts, a family friendly Barber Shop Salon in Brooklyn Heights.

Now they’ve been on our radar for a minute, and we know about the Barber Shop on Clinton that’s been there for nearly 15yrs.

So we took Orion out to get a cut, and do SOMETHING with the long mess of hair he had.

Brooklyn Heights is a beautiful neighborhood, and this spot, nestled on the second floor of 141 Montague Str. boasts a great view of the City street below for people watching.

Due to its elevation, and floor to ceiling windows Choo Choo Cuts gets beautiful natural light, a big change from the street level storefronts I’m used to, and I loved it!

Walking in and up to the second floor for the first time you wouldn’t know what to expect, but when we walked in the door we were greeted with such a warm and friendly welcome by Ana, who I believe is the Salon manager, and she instantly made us feel right at home. The bright airy space was warm and welcoming, and the decor was classic with a delicate pop.

Not only do they have modern tech chairs for Mani-Pedi’s, they have the ever so staple in every great Chic Salon….  old school style Barber chairs. These shiny polished steel frames with Turquoise cushions and white Subway tiles and tiled floor are awesome! It’s a great combination, and the first time I’ve seen that color scheme outside of a cool old classic grand daddy 57 Chevy!


The room is delicately designed against the exposed brick walls, with great colors, and trimmed with a miniature Choo Choo Train that circles the Salon overhead. But aside from the cuts, what really adds to the uniqueness of this space is Clinton, a rescued bird found around the corner on Clinton Str that feels free and at home when it come out of its cage to spread its wings!!

When you meet Ana the first thing you’ll notice is her warm smile and gentle handshake, she was a gracious host, providing comfortable window seats for us to wait and finish our snack while sergio finished shaping up Rob, a long time customer.

Ana set things in motion so we weren’t sitting around long. After a a few minutes the salon specialists did a warm wash and the manicurist was gently guiding him into the styling chair with the Horse on it, where she began his manicure. I mean it was all done so seamlessly, and felt very well rehearsed!

By that time Sergio, the owner, a very friendly guy who you could tell had deep roots in the hospitality industry came over and instantly engaged with Orion, and they hit off great! I showed Sergio some pictures that inspired Orion’s haircut and stepped back.

With the warm wash, the Choo Choo train going around the room, the lovely bird flying free and the manicure, Orion was in heaven! With all that attention he didn’t know what to do with himself! He had that face, where is tries to hold back the intensity of a smile, that look that only a parent knows, when he’s totally ecstatic!!

After a while Anna put a kids show on the big screen, and he watched a little video on my iphone before Sergio put the finishing touches!

A family of three came in for their 3 year olds haircut and it wasn’t 10 minutes that the mom was sitting getting a manicure with a big smile on her face, and the dad was offered a beverage.

About beverages…. Choo Choo Cuts allows their guests to bring their own Wine and Spirits if they’d like, they certainly encourage you come and spend some time in the Salon and try out all of their services. 

Don’t wait for a blowout, then manicure, and then a pedicure! Get it all done at once and be out in a flash!! For men it’s like a Pit-Stop in a car race! For the ladies it’s like an automatic pampering machine. The best of both worlds if I may so so myself.

The space you see behind Sergio in the video on our youtube channel is the expansion of the men’s Salon, “B Station” For Brooklyn Station, and Barber Station, and is a sign of what’s to come at ChooChoo Cuts, Sergio is about to expand the Brand, yet again!

He must be doing something right, and from the looks of things… we’ll be back!

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