Chess Please!!!

Chess anyone…..? Yes!

Parents this is for your little one…. Chess is a cerebral sport, for strategists and problem solvers, core competencies for success.

So why am I writing about Chess right now…? Not only because I want my son to learn Chess, and I love the Brooklyn Friends School!

I’m writing because of this guy Evan Rabin, the US CHESS NATIONAL MASTER who has assembled a team of the best instructors around, including FIDE Grandmaster Mark Paragua, to form Premier Chess.

This summer Premier Chess has partnered up with the Director of the Brooklyn Friends Summer Chess Camp, Gary Ryan, and we’re excited to see if the next Grand Master will emerge from this Kings County colabration! Evan was a Chess teacher at the Best chess school in the country. Dalton. and has traveled to play Tournaments in 9 countries around the world so far.

Between Evan and Gary they have over 30 years experience to bestow upon their students, and from what I’ve learned this is a real passion for Evan.

Recently I spoke with Evan over #WhatsApp while he was away on one of his annual trips to Tanzania so he can volunteer teaching young kids the game. This year he brought along two colleagues to volunteer as well, someone from Philly, and another from Spain.

When I asked him what the benefits of playing Chess are he told me

“The biggest benefit of learning chess is that you get to improve your thought process and the ability to plan”. To “learn how to accurately predict what others are trying to do, as well as learning to prove your own position.”

It’s a game that truly sharpens your mind with practice & play. It helps train your brain to stay focused, it builds cognitive thinking abilities, and teaches the foundations of strategy and execution.

With that being said, Chess is an incredible way to sharpen young minds. There’s a huge benefit for kids that begin to understand and implement strategy early.

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Some may say that there are Social benefits, like travel and meeting people from all over the world. if you’re exceptionally talented like Mr. Rabin, Who is the US National Chess Master, that is certainly true. Though Chess has been considered a recluse sport, it is widely gaining more popularity.

“The way of thinking that chess gives you, is strategic…. Strategy is everything” says Seneca Meeks, a former Dalton Chess student now at Brown University. Personally, I couldn’t agree more, as we navigate our social circles and professional careers, strategy IS everything.

The Brooklyn Friends School is locates at, 116 Lawrence St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Give your child a head start, sign up today!

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