CAMP IS IN SESSION! At this unique Brooklyn “Camp” Store experience!!

(By @Fanzeezy)

This brand new children’s boutique, “Camp” is located at 1 Dekalb Ave. Brooklyn, ny. 11201 in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn, in Albee Square, just on the outskirts of City Point, has just opened its doors for business.

If you’re familiar with their flagship store, across the bridges, in the Flatiron District of Manhattan, then you’re fully aware of how much fun your child will have at their new location in BK.

If you’re new to this “Camp” experience, take a guided tour, on through the wilderness, as we break it down for you. Just make sure you don’t tell the kids and let it be a surprise.

When you walk into the store, it looks like an ordinary children’s boutique, selling clothing, accessories, books, toys and board games. Some of the clothing on the racks rep’ the borough with the word, “Brooklyn” across the chest, which is a nice touch that only this location sports.

While the kids browse around and touch everything in site, they’ll soon come upon a section to the left of the cash wrap, where a counselor (that’s what they call their employees) awaits the children with a huge, glowing smile.  They may ask the children what activities they like to participate in and so on, having a lil convo with them.  

The counselor then asks the child if they would like to see what’s behind the shelf. When the counselor pushes the moving bookcase open to a secret hallway, the faces of the children light up with amusement. Adults and children are then transported onto an elevator with another counselor, down to the lower level into “Camp.”

The colossal-sized room is suppose to emulate something like a Summer camp. The theme/set up, switches up every 6-8 weeks or so. At the moment, some of the features at this BK location are: a cabin room with a bunk bed, that you can climb up with the ladder and slide down a tube into a disco room with sequin walls and strobe lights. It’s complete with a mirrored floor and a disco ball.

Some of the other features are a bridge you can walk across into the “water,” a music station, a rowboat filled with stuffed animals, and art table, a moving pony, horse and unicorn, the children can ride. There’s also a basketball court and a pint-sized TMNT arcade game, where up to four kids can play at once!

If you still need to pick up some holiday gifts, this is just the place to do it…even with the kids in tow. Let the children frolic, while you get your shoppin’ on. The counselors got you covered and will do a craft with them while you take your time to find the perfect gifts. You can grab a cold drink or snack at their café, if you need a little something to energize yourself, in order to keep up with the kids.

Camp offers daily workshops for all ages. You must book it online to secure your spot. Many workshops fill up to capacity. Some of the workshops include: We’re in a Book!, Little Explorer Flashlights, Make Your Own Illuminated Dreamcatchers, DIY Toy Train and many more staple workshops. They also offer seasonal workshops such as: Candy Gingerbread Cabins, Mason Jar Snow Globes and Melting Snowman Slime. There are also Magic Shows, Comedy Shows, Children’s Concerts, Pop Fit Kid exercise classes and Yoga.

If you are busy or do not know what to purchase for another child or even your child, and need a little help with decision making, they offer a personalized shopping service called, “Gift Counselor.”

The “Gift Counselor” is a personalized gifting and shopping service, where a gift counselor helps you shop, wrap and get the gifts delivered directly to you or your family or friends.

All in all, this is a fabulous experience for both the children and the adult who’s tagging along. If you see the kids riding the unicorns, go look for the horses in the back and tell the counselors Zeezy, from Truly Brooklyn, sent you. They’ll hook you up!

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