Brooklyn’s annual West Indian Day Parade was wet, to say the least, until the sun came out!!

The West Indian Day Parade is normally the largest parade in New York City, when it’s hot out and the sun is shining.

This years #Parade was all but rained out had it not been for the die-hard West Indies jamming through the weather while #dancing their way up Eastern Parkway!

I couldn’t help to think of how easy they all adapted to the rain and kept the festivities going and the energy high. I suspect it’s from the regular tropical rains that pass over the islands. We never let them stop us, and we’d simply dry off in the hot sun soon to come.

This year, though the parade went on, the crowd didn’t have the stamina, it was scarce for a hot minute, and to their defense….. it poured down…, twice!!!! So kudos to those who came to visit, even if they left after the first rain fall.

But we’ve braved the rain before, and we kept it going until the rain calmed and the trucks rolled on.

The sun was welcomed and by the time everyone felt the warmth and began to dry, the parade was In full swing!

I always take advantage of the food, so I let me nose do the walking and found myself craving the Curry Chicken with rice and peas from “Sharon’s Tasties” online carribean cuisine. Coming out as vendors is exciting for them as they are so friendly and happy to meet and mingle with their customers.

After some great carribean food I try to grab at least one Nutcracker for old time sake. Here these guys slapped our sticker on their cooler and kept it pushing! #Bigup @

And last but certainly not least, I love to take in all the beauty and fashion the festival brings out!!

We saw many designers represented, and a lot of custom outfits everywhere, but we’re just gonna shout out our people at @Bedstuyfly, for this Tee and Cap ensemble, @MOSHOOD Creations was out there in full display, and Trini, TriniBad, straight hustlin outta DC.

Rocking @bedstuyfly on Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn
@3rdworldfamous was out Hustling his TriniBad jumpoffs on Washington Ave. brooklyn

So Next year, if it rains, bring a poncho and stick around!!

Words by: Daytona, Pictures by: @BKShooter

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