Dear Brooklyn…. by Daytona

Dear Brooklyn…..

I remember the first time I moved out to Cali back in 97, pushing my TRUe TV Pilot. I still looked young and definitely from elsewhere. I don’t even know why I was walking but I remember some dudes was like

“Yo, where you from?”

and as I looked them up and down I sai


One dude had the nerve to jump on the nuts and act like he knew something, so he says

” for real? What part?”

I turned to him and said

“the whole part, that’s my yard”. (My back yard). “We don’t take part”

As I walked off cocky as a mofo…

(BK Cape blowing in the wind!)

#lmao The Sh!t I did when I was a #youngin.

My Brooklyn badge of honor made me feel invincible! But it was earned through hard times.

And when I turned my life around I had no longer had any need for such recognition.


BK All Day