Brooklyn Cider anyone? Yes!!

We can’t tell this story without saying that this is one of the coolest niche markets!

Hard Cider is one thing but The Brooklyn Cider House is in a league of their own! Their slogan “Ugly Apples Taste Better” is genius and that’s reflective of good old Brooklyn Bravado! Located at 1100 Flushing Ave. Brooklyn, NY. 11237

Creating trends and pushing boundaries in some of the most creative ways. Now I know that might seem like it’s just a slogan, but it’s not. It is in the culture of this company to flip things around and make them better! To take ugly apples and make them delicious! Just take a look at their repurposed Barn, their newly designed spot on Flushing revamped, the “details” in the decor, and of course the food on the menu reflects it too! Get the Burger!! Yummm!

We have to give a shout out about how they go #beyondtheborough!

If you can get upstate… head up to 155 N. Ohioville Rd. New Paltz, NY. 12561

I had the pleasure of visiting their orchard and Barn-Shop upstate, (because there’s no Orchards in Brooklyn), and to my surprise, I was treated to a fine Brooklyn Cider tasting.

I’m no cider connoisseur but I liked the Half Sour that they brew. Get info on visiting the Orchard!

I decided to take a stroll through their Orchard and discovered it was really beautiful, and the apples I saw were not ugly at all, they were naturally flawed and they were beautiful. The paths I chose through the orchard revealed trees and trees of great looking apples that you can pick for yourself!

Inside the Barn-Shop you’ll find some great local made Jams, Jelly’s, Beef Jerky and crafts to take home with your apples and Cider!

So stop by this spot if you’re in Brooklyn, or if you’ve made it upstate! It’s well worth the trip!