From Author to Doctor!? Yup.

This guy….🙄😂

After recently publishing his amazing book

“A Hot Date With Destiny”

(Found at iTunes, Amazon Yahoo)

Richard C. Burroughs (aka Dj Dick) is hitting us with his new column for your literary adventures!!

“Dr.Dick”. is a column where Richard will give advice and share his wisdom on relationships, and at times maybe even lack there of….?

All jokes aside though, we think this new creative expression is surely a noble cause (everybody needs some advice sometime) and we are delightfully curious to read them as they come out.

Now to his credit he does give a full disclosure up front, and he’s noted that it’s FREE. So what have you got to loose?

It made me laugh and that was more than worth it!

Check it out at this link >> Uncontrollable Urges. for the full Column.