By Comrade Cav

Folks don’t shout about White Love in the streets.I mean, it’s not something people put on placards & pour into the avenues to demonstrate support over.
Everybody accepts its existence & it isn’t under threat.

Though being incredibly popular, has White Love even been a segment on 60 Minutes? Maybe that’s because love is love & its the same love for whoever experiences: the irrepressible intimacy, the trust, the long gazes, the short breaths & the erratic heartbeat.

We’ve seen the movies, read the stories & studied the classic sonnets written by gentlemen in frilly collars. Supposedly, the word ‘love’ originates in ancient Greece. Aristotle was a fan. As were other white chaps in togas. I can’t front. Its one of the best ideas anybody ever had & I suspect we were being swept away by it long before it was given a name.

Love IS love.

Anyone can love anybody for any reason. We’re human beings. We have the power of self determination & many of us follow our hearts, no matter where they lead. Black people are heart followers. We are also heart defenders. Protective.

Some of the people we live amongst, hate us & would do us harm. You’ve seen the videos, heard the tapes & know the names: Trayvon Martin. Ahmaud Arbery. Breonna Taylor. George Floyd. Eric Garner. Pamela Turner. Emmet Till. The list is forever long.

Black folks love despite being hated.

Black folks love despite being killed for no reason Black folks love despite being treated like we don’t deserve love. Black folks love, despite…despite…despite. We don’t leave our houses to face a hostile world, feeling self pity either. We engage the world each day with the strength of Black Love.

The only antidote to the racist toxicity we’re exposed to every day, is self love. What ever positivity is sapped away by police brutality, societal injustice & indifference to our existence – we replace with Black Love.

Love of self. Love of who we are, is one area where the degradation of racism will be denied. Though they try, the love of my Blackness cannot be undermined. Its mine. I remain whole. My humanity remains intact.

Hate me if you want to hate me, but I will not hate myself. The reason I have the capacity to love anyone of any race is because, my mother made me her treasure & my father bestowed his considerable confidence. Black 🖤 made it so. X.

Words & Picts by, Comrade Cav

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