Why Us…

What makes us the authority on what is considered a truly Brooklyn experience? 

The truly brooklyn we look for consists of the “seasoning” of the borough, that which makes it such a delicious gumbo of culture. Featuring and focusing on Brooklyn’s places, brands and upcoming talent in music, fashion and art with roots in the community.

Additionally our contributors are local explorers, people who value the old school Brooklyn ways and traditions, and equally embrace the ever changing communities of today. We focus on Showing off everything from well rooted Mom-n-Pop Shops, BAM, and Brooklyn Museum, to neighborhood Street fairs and Block parties.

The audience talk to us, from right there, on the spot! We are Brooklynites, We want to know what house party that is on the roof around the corner, and what latin mom-n-pop shop has the best rice and beans, or the Jamaican spot with the best Jerk Chicken. And when the local pub hosts a talented Brooklyn Band live, or an art exhibition…. yep, we want you to know about it.

“When you're coming to visit Brooklyn, plan your trip and plot a course!”

Read our reviews of popular or “trending” spots around the borough in our #doBrooklyn letters to gain some inspiration. We understand there is so much happening in Brooklyn and it could be daunting trying to sift through it all, so we have curated Itineraries to narrow down your search. Get the scoop about the upcoming things around that you won't want to miss by signing up on our home page.

We love capturing the essence and the style that reflects our lifestyle and our spirit, our styles which are so diverse in all major cities world wide.

Let us connect the dots. Our portraits and journals of “Roots~n~Progress” in Brooklyn's environments have an international appeal, follow us through it all. You won't be disappointed.

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