Dear Brooklyn,

This is why we are here.

Over the course of a few generations Brooklyn has evolved with an influx of new arrivals, new money and new development. Practically drowning out and saturating entire neighborhoods, and quieting the very community that drew people there in the first place. Brooklyn is tough enough to embrace this evolution as it always has and in doing so remains on the forefront of a new renaissance.

TrulyBrooklyn will keep the torch lit throughout this transition. We will shed light on and expose what’s authentic, and show the difference between what is original and what’s new and trendy, and we invite you all to join in!

It is Brooklyn’s vibrant and eclectic mix of culture that has been the main ingredient of all things TrulyBrooklyn, and we are here to honor that, and share that with others.

Our platform will be a conduit for our audience to connect, contribute and share their TrulyBrooklyn experiences with Brooklyn lovers and explorers from down the block to around the world.

The voice of TrulyBrooklyn is authentic because it is the voice of the people, on the ground, and in the streets.

The energy is genuine and the coverage is personal.

This is all things TrulyBrooklyn, welcome to our world.