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I’m Exercising my Boundaries.

Our 1,000th Instagram Post!!

Hooray & woohooo!!! 🙌🏽💥💫 This is our 1,000th Post on Instagram, and I thought this was a great one to share at this moment. Reflecting on when you’ve kept it moving forward and look back at the trail you blazed, …


Hey Brooklyn! The BODEGA is Open!! During the development I had to source a bunch of manufacturers, fabrics, graphic artists and stitching equipment to make sure everything was done perfectly. The merch launch kept getting pushed back and reprioritized. As …

How I celebrate Brooklyn…!

I was just at the BRIC Arts Center to meet the Newly minted President Kristina Newman-Scott whom I commend for holding an open conversation in the studio on the second floor for the Producers. But I was there to talk …

Saturdays are awesome in Brooklyn!! And last Saturday was no exception!

This past Saturday could not have been better!! The weather, the Sunshine, the breeze, and some of the best spring Fashion to surface yet was a refreshing reminder of what’s to come! I personally am looking forward to beautifully balanced …

#DoBrooklyn like Sindija does #Brooklyn!!

A new view from Sindija!

Brooklyn’s Got Serious Cake!

Come and get it!! I stop at Settepani Bakery in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn as often as I can, and it’s always a treat when I run into the owner, my friend Nino! Nino is a great guy with a bright …

What Would KING Do?!

TRULYBROOKLYN’S MLK WEEKEND ITINERARY! Martin Luther King Day is on the horizon and celebrating the iconic, Civil Rights leader’s birthday can be both enlightening and fun. 2019 celebrates Dr. Kings 90th birthday, and as a newly enacted federal holiday, decreed …

My Brooklyn Essentials….

What’s in your #Backpack?

Have more fun in Brooklyn!

Have more fun in Brooklyn with TrulyBrooklyn!!